Friends of the Diner

Broadway Diner’s unique operating hours draw a very diverse cast of characters. At night, the diner attracts many bar patrons from neighboring Déjà Vu nightclub and Shiloh Bar and Grill, as well as many other downtown Columbia establishments.

In the morning, however, the diner serves a more traditional crowd of families and friends, and is a popular stop after Sunday mass.

J2150S took a closer look at what makes Broadway Diner such a famous destination in Columbia.


Dan Molloy (DM):

It opens at 11 pm and doesn’t close until 2 pm the following afternoon. As you might imagine, Broadway Diner attracts quite a variety of customers.

Evan “Erin” Kaplan (EK), server:

The people who come in during the daytime – very quiet, they like to come in, get their food, read the newspaper and leave.

And the people that come in at night – they love to talk, they love to yell, they love to scream, sometimes they love to fight…and so it’s a lot calmer during the day and a lot more hectic at night.


With a crowd as diverse as its menu, the diner keeps people coming back for more.

Aaron Collins, diner regular:

The crowd in itself makes the whole place…gives it, I wouldn’t say a traditional feeling to it, but…a welcoming feeling.


And what’s more welcoming than a 50s-style diner with a seemingly never-ending menu?


More than anything is just the quality, and that’s what people know and love about the diner, is that they come in, drunk or sober, 1 in the morning or 11 in the morning, and they know that they’re gonna get good, solid, well-made food that tastes great.


For J2150S News, Dan Molloy, Columbia.


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