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Although the physical building on the corner of S 4th and Cherry St. ,which is home to the Broadway Diner, is small in size, the inside of the diner is extremely complex.  J2150S took a closer look at the different elements that go into making the diner a fan favorite around Columbia, Missouri.  Through the use of photography J2150S was able to portray the layout of the diner, as well as behind the scenes things like the back kitchen, things normally hidden from the regular customer.  The still photos attempted to highlight the things in the diner that are indicative of the vintage 50’s made from scratch style including the jukebox and the barstools.

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Many restaurants serve with the intention of simply getting food to their customers, at the Broadway Diner, servers strive to give both good food and good service. J2150S took a closer look behind the scenes of the counter of Broadway Diner. Through the use of audio recording J2150S tells the story of the men and women who have dedicated many hours to upholding the reputation of the diner.

–Donnie Odle

“My name is Donnie Odle. I am a cook. I came in, and I was inquiring about a job. I asked and told them I had experience. They had me come in for a little test run, and I did good. I’ve been here since. It’s a great place, good food, great service, great prices, a great staff to work with. We make all of our stuff from scratch. On occasion I’ll cook something and I’ll try it myself. If I won’t eat it, I’m not going to serve it. “

–Kim Martin

“I came down here to see a friend of mine who was working here, and one of the other workers had a fractured ankle, and I was asked to fill in, and I’ve been here six years in July. The night is more wilder, crazy, I would say more adventurous. As far as daytime is totally different from nighttime. You meet a lot of different people from all walks of life. So you meet a lot of interesting folks. Just make sure they get good food and good service. And the boss is real nice. He’s real easy to get along with. The coworkers are fun to work with.”

–J2150s news Columbia, Stephanie Graflage


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